Vertical DE Fixture

Introducing Vertical 

Vertical growing – the art of growing taller plants – has been around for quite some time now, but in recent times it has lost favor with the vast majority of lighting manufacturers. For more than 8 years there have been no new fixtures released that target this horticultural niche – until now. At Grow Logic, we dedicated ourselves to bringing it back as we recognized that new legislation in some areas that limits plant numbers per garden, will force growers in a new direction: If you can’t have lots of shorter plants, the only way to go is up

Taller plants with more branched canopies have very different lighting needs to shorter broader canopy plants; if light doesn’t break the initial canopy layers at the top – you stand to lose yields in your branched canopies below – this is where vertical ‘inter-canopy’ lighting steps in. We began with an old design we had prototyped in our basements (many years before we founded Grow Logic) but then added a twist. Literally. We wanted to take advantage of the more powerful double-ended configuration bulbs now available, but traditional connectors require two hands and are awkward & fragile, so we designed a new ‘roll-lock’ lamp connection system that requires only one hand to install a new lamp.

It’s now easier to install a DE lamp then it is a more traditional Edison screw bulb, but with the added bonus of the intensity boost that double-ended lamps provide.

With huge indoor vertical grow farms opening everywhere, vertical is back at the forefront of growers thoughts and re-engineering traditional ideas is the new frontier. The Grow Logic's Vertical DE fixture is the newest ‘old school tech’ idea there is, enabling growers to re-think the shape of their gardens with this new/old DCP (Deep Canopy Penetration) capability.

15' cord
Cold rolled, hot galvanized
dipped steel frame
360º safety lens made from 
Borosilicate glass
Sweet-spot lighting solution
Single hand 'roll-lock' socket 
means simple lamp installation
Increase garden efficiency
Key Locking Saftey Lens
No tools necessary for assembly

Vertical DE TOP HAT

Grow Logic looks at the lost light as waste that should be captured and used. Adding the Top Hat to your fixture will increase the available light your emitter outputs. Taking that light and redirecting it into the canopy.


We have designed the Top Hat to be installed as shown in the video or inverted depending on your situation. Designed for upper placement to feed light to the top canopy and primaries. The Top Hat acts like a traditional parabolic reflector by directing even light into the canopy. 

- Keyhole feature secures Top Hat

- Designed to reflect vertical light and redirect to foliage

- Can be mounted upside down for additional reflectivity

Fixture Compatible with:

Grow Logic Lamps (Vertically Compatible)


     •DE HPS 1000W 
     •DE HPS 750/600W
     •DE CMH 315W
     •DE CMH 630W
     •DE MH 1000W

We’re never satisfied with a ‘me-too’ approach to product development. Instead, we strive to innovate and deliver new technologies –  even those based on old ideas  –  to push the production limits of your garden further then you thought possible

• One handed ‘roll-lock’ socket means simple lamp installation

• Dual frame locking system seals luminaire securely

• 360º safety lens made from Borosilicate glass

• Lantern frame made from high grade cold rolled & hot dip galvanized steel

• 15ft power cord included

• Runs Grow Logic DE-HPS and DE-CMH lamps

• No tools needed for assembly

• Removable Top Hat (sold seperalty)

• 10% Increased bulb life

• 3 Year Warranty