Grow Logic supplies a wide range of reflectors with each developed to provide optimum light distribution for specific environments, crops, and situations

Grow Logic reflectors are designed for deeper penetration into the crop and to gather and reflect in the most efficient way possible dependant on blub/reflector configuration. Each reflector has its own specific design purpose and therefore unique properties that are associated with your applications. They are all easily removable from the fixtures for simple cleaning and maintenance. Each, in addition, is mounted to a standard adapter allowing the entire range of reflectors to work with all fixtures, barring, of course, the vertical hanging VH1 which has a unique design.

Our standard reflector adapter future proofs your lighting systems be being forward compatible with all Grow Logic systems of the same type.

We have three types of reflectors that work with our CR-Series fixtures:


High ceiling reflector

Our high ceiling reflector is for ceilings over 10 feet in height and projects most of its energy straight down towards the canopy.

Low ceiling reflector

Our low ceiling reflector is for ceilings under 10 feet in height and has a more diffused/flat projection pattern to avoid burning plants when the fixture is closer to plant canopy.

End reflector

Our end reflector can be used with either high or low ceiling light plans and is for projecting light away from end-of-row walls and obstructions.