PLasma lighting

We have known for the better part of 10 years is that eventually, Plasma lighting will become the forefront in the indoor growing industry. Most Major brands are now starting to admit what we have said here for years. Grow Logic is on the verge of releasing the first Plasma Light that will actually be a standalone light for the indoor market. 


But until then you have questions, and we have the answers, all about PLasma Grow Lights.

Question - Why have you not released a Plasma Light already


  Answer - That's a really hard one for us because we really wanted to, but it would have been the same light that our competition. Plasma Lights are very abundant right now, but their cost for a light that will only produce the equivalent of a 400-500w HID light. We want to release a light that will be a standalone light that will compare to a 1000W Light or better. For that, we needed to wait for technology and cost.

Question - What is Plasma Light or LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) lighting, and why is it better for growing plants.


  Answer -