hash controller

Control your complete grow operation

(Design show is conceptual)

Horticultural Automated Sensor-based Habitat

(HASH) System

The groundbreaking HASH System is in essence your virtual master gardener using a network of smart sensors placed in and around the facility to measure data-points such as; PAR output, nutrient pH and air temperature which enables the HASH Controller to adjust each parameter in real time, or for the master user to do the same via our mobile apps – it comes in two versions: HASH Pro, HASH Pro Master.

(Design show is conceptual)


The HASH System’s pro unit is an IoT (Internet of Things) based habitat monitoring and control system that’s everything the small to medium scale grower needs. Measure & control: Nutrient pH, conductivity, water temperature & levels, light on/off times, air temp & humidity and even C02 control. Using a cloud-based real-time cloud-based monitoring system, the HASH Pro can monitor and control your whole garden automatically using machine learning algorithms to maximize efficiency while allowing the ultimate user control from wherever they are using a smartphone-based app.


Its modular system allows the HASH System to scale with any operation no matter the size of the greenhouse or indoor garden it’s tasked with monitoring.

yOUR garden

yOUR rules

Control your complete grow operation​





Ebb and Flow table Controller

Complete Climate




Deep Water Culture Controller

And if that was not enough

  • DWC Level Controller​

  • Long Term data logger with advanced analytics

  • Control MULTIPLE growing areas from one account

  • And much more, the system is extremely configurable






Humidity Controller





Cycle Timer(s)

Flood Detection

and Alert System



Time lapse grow

movie creator

  • Controls your nutrient and pH levels for you

  • Doses up to an 16-part nutrient recipe

  • Automatically maintains proper nutrient and pH levels

  • Automate reservoir fill and flush

  • Measures in both EC and PPM (0-4999 PPM)

  • Monitor and control with iPhone or Android app

  • Designate different ratios of your A, B and C nutrients


  • Connect directly to All Grow Logic Products

  • Connect to unlimited HASH system sensors

  • Includes two (2) Remote Power Blocks for controlling external devices

  • Control unlimited devices with additional Remote Power Blocks

  • Expand to multiple facility, rooms, and zones with additional Controllers

  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 controls together Control your temperature and humidity independently or synchronized Day/night temperature, humidity and CO2 set points Resists EMI/EFI from electronic ballast

Available Sensors for HASH Pro & Pro MASTER

  • Embedded temperature sensor (-40 to 80° C with ±2° accuracy)

  • Embedded humidity sensor (0-100% readings with ±2% accuracy)

  • Embedded Dual Channel NDIR Optical CO2 sensor (±50 ppm ±5% @ 2,000ppm)

  • pH Probe (0-14pH with ±0.2pH accuracy)

  • Conductivity Probe

  • Temperature Probe

  • Tank Water Level Sensor Float Switch



Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

802.15.4 @ 2.4GHz



Wi-Fi connection with Internet access HASH App on phone or tablet with iOS 8 or later/Android 4 or later. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer on Mac OS X v10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later



You can control up to 20 controllers per grow operation. They’ll work together to increase yields and automate your entire operation.