cmh technology

efficient  agriculturally engineered

Grow Logic will never be seen as a legacy company, and for that we present the Remote CMH ballast. CMH or LEC Technology is cutting edge development in the indoor grow light industry, giving the grower more GPW than traditional lighting. Available in 315W and 630W versions gives the grower even more options to customize their room to whatever specs are required.



Ballast Specifications:

Wattage: 315W
Input Volt: 120V/240V
Input Current: 2.89A / 1.42A
Input Power: 343W
Min Power Factor: .95
THD: <15%
Crest Factor: <1.7

Ballast Physical

Length 215mm / 8.46 in
Width 178mm / 7.01 in
Height 92.5mm / 3.64 in
Weight 3.0kg / 6.62lb lb

Ballast Protections

1. End of Life (EOL) Protection
2. Short circuit protection
3. Open circuit protection
4. Ignition failure protection
5. Thermal protection

Ballast Installation & Application Notes

1. Max allowable case temperature: 75 Degrees C / 167 Degrees F
2. Ambient Temperature: -20, +55 Deg. C / -4, +131 Deg. F
3. Max. Humidity: 95%
4. Ignition voltage is 5kV

Ballast Performance Requirements:

  • Rated mains voltage: 120-240V

  • Voltage range: (+/-10%): 108-264V

  • Mains frequency: 50/60 hz

  • Operation Frequency: 140-220kHz

  • Wave Type: Square