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Our founders come from extensive indoor horticultural backgrounds and founded Grow Logic to set new standards and introduce a new approach to indoor horticultural lighting – one where light is not the sole consideration, where lighting is instead treated alongside nutrient and atmospheric considerations as part of a triangle of tools.






With decades of experience in gardening, light engineering and manufacturing, the Grow Logic team came together to focus on the need for specialty horticultural lighting and environments and was envisioned as an answer to the problems facing the commercial gardener. Since the explosion in popularity of the indoor horticulture market, the indoor horticultural lighting segment has been inundated with trends, fads, misinformation and fixtures designed to catch the eye and empty the wallet; sadly none of which counts towards garden productivity. Having extensive indoor horticulture backgrounds and seeing the mounting issues being faced by the market we decided it was high time for someone to ‘do it right’.

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